Since its beginning in 1987, West Coast bets on a mix of products designed with men as its target audience, joining pieces of information related to fashion and style. Pioneering the “worker” concept in Brazil, the brand consolidated itself having a background in innovation and releasing trendy products.

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Responsible for the brands West Coast and Cravo & Canela, the Priority Group has more than 30 years of experience in the footwear industry and is a reference in the fashion market in Brazil.

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  • Softzone

    Insole in shaped E.V.A, with air bubbles anti stress and with high impact absorption, that assure comfort for all the parts of the feet.

  • Flexwear

    Made in expanded P.V.C, this outsole absorbs and dissipate the impact, bringing more flexibility to the move. Exclusive West Coast technology.

  • Fabric

    Quality materials selected, following the trends of the international fashion world.

  • Programmed Stitching

    Standardization of the quality and agility through automatic stitching machines.

  • Leather

    Shoes developed with high standard leathers, selected by specialized professionals.

  • Easy Fitting

    Replacing the shoelaces by the practicality and comfort of the elastic bands.


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